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I’m sure by now you’ve heard the term Pick Up Artist (PUA). These guys spend their lives in pursuit of the source code of female attraction, after all we’re all just incredibly complex living machines right. PUA’s have become renowned for their ability to effortlessly attract women and even outline step by step how they achieved it.

This is where the Girlfriend Activation System comes into play…

Christian Hudson the creator, designed this program to work along the same guidelines as PUA’s… But the program is unique in the sense that it’s not here to teach you how to just bring a woman back to bed. The program is here to help you create a lasting emotional bond with a woman. Essentially this course tried to help you turn a coworker, friend, classmate or even a random stranger into a partner

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What’s the cost? It is priced at only $69.

This course is a premium partner procurement course that stands head and shoulders above other courses of its nature. It is not concerned with cheap tactics for one night stands. This course aims to make sure you get a partner. 8.5 based on 1331 reviews.


If you need a little more convincing or you still feel like you need more information. Christian has a video on the front page of his website that will cover everything you need to know.

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When you purchase The GFAS, you will receive:

  • Access to the social mans private forum monitored by Christian Hudson, The creator of the program.
  • Unrestricted access to the GFAS Course Instructional Video’s.
  • Downloadable Audio Tracks for the GFAS seminar course.
  • Various other free trial bonuses of exceptional products on his website

Price and Guarantee

  • You might ask yourself, does the GFAS come with a guarantee? Well you’re in luck because the course comes with a full 365 day money back guarantee. So you can feel safe that you’re not wasting your money.
  • The course never stays at a discounted price for very long, however it is currently discounted from $1997 for the basic course, way down to a much more comfortable $67

My review of the girlfriend activation system

So now that I’ve given you a little bit of information on the GFAS course, I’d like to give you a run through of my personal experience when using this course. Obviously when buying anything off the internet my first question was

“is it legit”

I didn’t want to be spending my hard earned cash paying for a program designed to steal my money and offer nothing in return. I did a bit of research and was glad to see that not only was it legit, it had well over 40,000 members when i signed up. That’s an unbelievable amount of people who are satisfied with the course. How could i not sign up right?

When I’ve looked into other PUA programs in the past the market seems to be flooded with programs that look to get you one thing, laid. That’s never been something that I was interested in, I’d much rather go out and try and find a meaningful lasting relationship with a woman I cared about. Actually i had a specific woman in mind, my best friend of 3 years. I was stuck in what people would call the “friend zone” I’d tried a lot of things to get her to change her opinion of me. Alas nothing would work, changing my clothes, my hair, my attitude – nothing she just seen me as a friend and wasn’t interested. Along comes a program that offers to teach me all the minuscule details that makes up the overall attraction phase.

GFAS has the potential to change your life, the skills it offers you not only help you with getting a new partner but the confidence it builds transfers over into other aspects of your daily life. Any guy who lacks a bit of confidence will be able to tell you how important it is, it can feel like you’ve discovered the greatest secrets the universe has to offer when you gain a bit of confidence. After about four weeks into the course i started noticing that my efforts with women were increasing in success rate considerably. I’d always found it really easy to become friends with women but taking it to the next level was always such a mystery to me and the attempts i’d made were pretty fruitless.

After applying the techniques i’d been taught from Christians program, I fully realised the the genius of the course. It had helped me further my efforts and I’d learned to pick up women as if it was second nature. It felt like a godsend after a few years of no luck. Now after applying the techniques to the girl I was interested in I had her chasing me. She wasn’t exactly “in my league” before hand but now i felt i had a secret weapon.

Thats one of the reasons i felt it was necessary to write this review, i feel like I should let people know that they don’t have to suffer the same fate i was trapped in. If they’re looking for a way out of a problem that I was buried deep in, there is an answer. I’ve been with my other half for over 5 months and I’m entirely in love. If were facing reality here before I took this program I didn’t have a chance with her.

I love that Girlfriend Activation makes me the master of my own dating destiny.


Is it Free?

unfortunately when it comes to the GFAS it isn’t free, there’s too much premium quality content for it to ever be free, but you can rest assured that your money is in the right place. Buying the program will be sure to leave you in good hands. If you aren’t completely satisfied at the end of his program he offers a full 60 day money back guarantee so you don’t have to worry about wasting your money.

You should be aware that when signing up for this course, you’re required to put the work in, it’s not going to just transform you, there has to be a willing amount of effort involved on your part. That means going out there and talking to women and using the techniques you’ve been taught. This might mean that you are no longer in a zone you’d considered comfortable. Fortunately for you though outside of your comfort zone is where all the life changing stuff occurs.

For me, it wasn’t what you would call easy to take a risk and put myself in uncomfortable situations, but it was definitely worth it. That’s why i was reluctant to even purchase the program to begin with. Thankfully like I’ve already said it comes with a full year guarantee! how could anyone argue with that. If you like it great keep it and you’ve spent your money well. If you don’t you get a refund and nothing’s lost.

The scientific field of epigenetic’s is in its infancy, and deals specifically with the study of genetic change. As human beings, we are constantly undergoing genetic change every minute, every second of our lives. This only ceases to happen when we are dead and buried in the ground! Significant new research also shows that human beings have the potential to change their own genetics and the genetics of other human beings irreversibly. Your environmental factors also affect the rate, intensity, and nature of genetic change. Perhaps this is why cancer patients who remain positive have been shown to live longer than those who are pessimistic.

Modern scientific studies have shown us some pretty remarkable results that demonstrate the difference between male and female psychological and sexual behavior. Most notably, genetic and psychological sciences have revealed innate qualities which all women possess. Both men and women have a genetic attraction to certain behaviors and personalities, and this is rooted deeply within their nature and the genetic code.

It teaches men to take advantage of these deeply rooted qualities that have been with us since the dawn of our species.

Unlike so many programmes that claim they can help you improve your love life and create a long, healthy, and rewarding
sexual and personal relationship with a woman, the gfas draws purely from the scientific study of the female mind and body, and teaches you to apply what scientists have recently discovered.

Normally, this research was restricted to those with medical degrees and express permission to access and possess highly experimental scientific journals, such as professors at medical schools or researchers at pharmaceutical companies. We have decoded this information and removed all of the vernacular and jargon exclusive to the medical community and have worded it plainly for the average guy so that he can take advantage of scientifically proven methods to turning the woman of his dreams into a loving, loyal partner.

This program will teach you exactly how to make the woman of your dreams fall in love with you irreversibly, and connect with you on a deep, genetic level. She will become addicted to you and be unable to be away from you for very long. This course is a godsend in an age where so many men possess strong social anxiety behaviors and other psychological baggage that keeps them from capturing the kind of woman that they want in their life. It doesn’t matter if you are attractive, talented, or even if you have an amazing personality or job. Any guy can take advantage of these distinctive, scientifically proven facts to wrap his ideal woman around his finger.

Since the GFAS was first introduced on the Internet, it has exploded in popularity in various male self-improvement circles. It remains one of the most popular and effective methods for attracting women on a deep level and making them feel strong emotional connections to you. It will improve your love life, your sex life, and will give you complete control over even the most stubborn and unfaithful woman.

Activate your masculine power by embracing your nature and your genetics, and improve your self-confidence and control over the female mind. We take lessons from a variety of different scientific fields like biology, genetics, psychology, pharmacology, and so many more disciplines that we could not possibly list them here! The matter of fact is, this is a scientifically accurate and factual system of social dominance that will teach you to enchant the woman of your dreams and keep her enthralled in your presence, hanging on your every word and awaiting your permission.

It also takes lessons from history, and from fiction and popular trends. Have you ever wondered why so many women love Christian Grey from the hit book, 50 Shades of Grey? It capitalizes on key cues, such as the unusual phenomenon of 50 Shades of Gray, to give you a window into a woman’s mind and understand how the modern woman sees the modern man, and what she finds sexually and romantically enrapturing. Christian Grey is the subject of an obsession for millions of women, and they are possessed with a passionate fire for his sexual and emotional dominance.

GFAS is about building passion and making woman completely enthralled with every aspect of your personality in order to take complete control of her psyche and her body. It teaches you to activate the feelings of obsession a woman feels when she is completely attracted to a man on every level. It will help you create intense desire that will enthrall every woman that you meet, and make them drool at the prospect of becoming your partner.

You must be dedicated to this path, and if you can implement the principles of the program in your life fully, you will receive an amazingly high return on your investment when it comes to attracting a high-quality woman who will be with you for life. This is no program for a man who does not want to inspire passion and deep longing in his potential mates. This is no “bro guide” on how to pick up chicks at the bar or date sluts. This is a course that will help you improve your own image, the idea of your image in the minds of women, your confidence and ability to be charismatic and gregarious, and your critical attraction quotient; the thing that will make women absolutely enchanted with your presence.

The first major step of implementing the system in your life is to learn how to build an image of the ideal boyfriend, and become that image to the women that you want to attract. You must cleverly build yourself up to be the most attractive and desired man in the room, and learn to wholly believe this lie until it becomes truth. This is the path of the demagogue, and until you fully believe this creative lie according to the course material, you will not be ready to construct the image of an ideal boyfriend or partner that will convince even the most beautiful and unattainable women to spend time around you and seriously consider being in a long-term, committal relationship with you.

You will learn things like creating a sense of mystery, and making women melt by keeping them constantly guessing what you’re going to say next. It is this sense of mystery that pervades so many male sex symbols throughout pop-culture, and it is the quintessential quality of classy and successful male Heartbreakers in movies, books, and television shows that women are so deeply attracted to on a cultural and genetic level.

Likewise, you will learn to balance out the sense of mystery by creating a visible image of genuine honor and good conduct that will enchant women who have been in so many bad relationships with men who could not live up to the task of being theirs. You will become the image of the passionate lover who would defend his woman’s life at any cost.

You will also need to learn to overcome your mail competitors and increase your sexual purchasing power to dominate your peers. You will learn to be unafraid of challenge and welcoming of good, gentlemanly sport. After all, one of the most effective ways to improve your image is to be both humble and self-confident, because no legitimate King will ever have to state his position or merits. The male suitors will see you as a challenge that is not worth fighting against, and the women will see you as an ideal mate that does not shy away from a good fight, but does not pointlessly pick fights or seem arrogant and foolhardy.

Not only will you construct the image of ideal male perfection, but you will also learn to inject these suggestions deep into your genetic code.

Example stories are given, showing you step-by-step instructions on how to make a great first impression with a girl, how to find excellent prospects, how to form a relationship and get started off on the right foot, and how to maintain the relationship and the passion that will keep your sexual and romantic relationship on fire throughout your life.

If you want high-quality women that will be worth your time, your money, and your dedication, and you want to create an image of yourself that will keep women enchanted with you for your entire life, this is the most surefire method of attaining all of this, and more.

Learn to annihilate your anxiety and fear and approach women like a boss. Show up in style, and learn to manipulate your vocal tonality and body language cues to attract women on point of contact. Walk into social situations with a posture of power and presence of dominance. Make other men shrivel and attract the most beautiful and successful women in any given social function.

Successful examples are included in detail, and various coaches will relate personal stories of romantic success to you. Find out what does and does not work with certain types of women, and find out how to tell a great woman from a bad woman and so much more.

More important than all of this however, it will teach you to leave behind the popular narrative of having sex with a girl once and assuming that all of the hard work is done. The popular narrative leads men to unsuccessful, failed relationships that will bring only unhappiness, wasted money, and lost time. Learn what it takes to be a different kind of man and attract a different kind of woman as a result.

This is the natural answer to a culture of one night stands and unwholesome relationships. For a guy who wants to attain traditional traits found in his ancestors that made them so successful with attracting women, you can’t get any better than this! Create a future that you can brag about your friends, and relationships with beautiful and successful women that will bring you long-term happiness and stability.

Learn critical knowledge, such as how women assess whether or not a man will be a good long-term prospect, or what women really look for in men aside from physical appearance and professional history. Once you understand a woman’s mind and genetics, you will be able to create a healthy sexual and romantic relationship with any woman that you meet. Learn to read the cues and body language, and take advantage of key signals. It will practically be like you’re reading her mind!

You can thank the thousands of scientists, CIA interrogators, relationship coaches, sociologists, psychologists, doctors, pharmaceutical researchers, and other wise men for compiling this knowledge for our personal benefit. If you don’t want to read through thousands of studies that may or may not contain information relevant to understanding how to be the most desirable man you can be, we can translate it all for you and help make sense. We separate the wheat from the chaff so that you don’t have to dig through as much research and reading as we did when we designed the program!

The top-tier women are out there just waiting for a guy like you. The question is, are you ready to be that guy and take an extra step towards success? Now that you have been informed of the existence of such a program, you have a responsibility to join tens of thousands of men worldwide in improving their own personal market value. Become the man that you have always dreamt of being, and attract the women that every guy wants, but isn’t brave or worthy enough to get. Become the object of a woman’s desire and never leave her thoughts. She will be waiting on your call, your text, and your every last word.

Add the most powerful tool to your dating toolkit that will give you the highest chance of attaining a long-lasting, loving relationship with the woman that you have always dreamt about!

The Girlfriend Activation System v2 Update

Christian has expanded on his original course completely free for existing and new customers. With this new update he brings a plethora of new video’s and content for you to comb over at your own pace. The GFAS v1 program was broken down its 6 parts:

  1. Being The Obvious Choice
  2. A Relationship-Ready Mind
  3. Unforgettable First Impressions
  4. Fearless Approaching
  5. Dating to Sex
  6. Sex to Girlfriend

These sections are the base of the system that teach you everything you need to know. However with the release of the v2, Hudson has added a whopping 23 extra video’s for you to indulge in these video’s also come with both the audio and written translations, just incase you’d rather read or listen to the video’s on your iPod or phone.


Like the v1, the v2 has 3 primary sections which break into smaller subsections with more information on each. the first of these sections covers the alterations to your life to be an object of obsession for women everywhere. The second section covers everything you’re likely to encounter in the initial dating phase, for example asking her out and what to do on the first date and so on. The final stage to these sections is the intimate stage, where you will transition your relationship from the intimate dates, to becoming an official couple.


This may all seem a little overwhelming put into such a short format but i promise you stick with me and i’ll explain everything. Okay so now that you know what the 3 major sections are it’s time I embellish them a little bit and give you my 2 cents.


Being the object of obsession

This is probably in my eyes the most crucial part of all three, as without this foundation you have nothing to build your house of attraction on. Hudson covers the aspects of your life that you need to change or improve upon, so that you can be the most attractive person you can be, this for me was absolutely great. Other programs focus on ways you can “trick” a woman into bed and here is the first course that’s telling you what everybody already really knows. The only true way to get women on a large scale interested in you, is being somebody worth being interested in. I’ll cover the first 5 videos, so you know what you can expect.


1.The Introduction Seminar

This is the first video in the series of 23 that you will be watching, it’s basically just a rundown of who Christian Hudson is, how he came to create What it is(v1 and v2). Who he was before he put his scientific process into effect, what i imagine most of us interested in this course are like, shy, anxious and nervous. He will explain what he hopes you will achieve from the GFAS and even explain some of the thought process behind becoming an object of obsession.


2.The Follow Up Video : Masculine Power (a)

Christian really starts to heat things up in his follow up to the introduction where he will discuss primarily what he calls an Obsession Story an idea he claims was taken from those female novels we all know about. Where the guy is always some exaggerated alpha male, and women absolutely eat it up. He makes a point of calling this male persona the masculine power and that women desire to be overwhelmed by the masculine persona. Make sure you do not interpret the masculine power as being threatening or possessive though, this is one way to turn a woman off straight away.


3.Masculine Power (b)

This is where the teaching begins Christian wants to make sure you have something of value fairly early on so he begins to teach us some of the personality markers women seek out. These are things that you absolutely must spend time getting to know and become. He also does a pretty cool demo of these traits with a woman in the audience. It’s definitely fun to see how he puts these markers into action.


4.Follow Up From The Demonstration

Leading on from the Masculine Power part 2 video, the coach goes on to lead a series of questions and answers with the woman from the previous video (Alex). It is quite interesting to see what a woman feels of these different techniques and how effective they were when used in a semi real situation.


5.Enter The Sexuality Coach

The next video in the series brings a new face into the mix, with one of the dating coaches from the program, his name is Nick Sparks *insert bad pun about his name here*. All jokes aside he discusses theory on the escalation of sexuality with a woman and explains how this is one of the most frequent areas that men stumble with. Many of you will know from past experience there feels like there is some sexual tension between you but you never know when the time is right to advance those feelings.


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